From June to October humpback whales and their babies come from Antarctica to mate and give birth in the Mozambique channel. The water temperature, current and food in Bazaruto Archipelago are excellent them. Humpback whales belong to Rorquals family can get up to 14/15 meters and weigh between 25 and 40 tons. At birth it can measures about four meters long and weighs about a ton. As these whales are slow swimmers, they are easily watched, ideal situation for whale watching, but also to the whalers. That’s why the International Commission for the protection of whales granted them in 1996 a statute of global protection.

How wonderful is to see and hear the humpback whales!

The acrobatics and water spray coming out from the blowhole are spectacular images to watch. They can jump completely out of the water, swim back with the two fins in the air and hit the water surface with its huge tail and fins. Perhaps the most beautiful experience is to listen them. They sing long and complex songs, unique to certain populations and regions.

From the resort by boat we can reach the whales in 40 minutes. During the trip, you will also have the opportunity to observe marine life. If your are lucky, you can find whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, rays and even the rare Dugong. The ideal is to combine the journey of whales with snorkeling or a visit to one of the islands.


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